Red facilities (Chicken Farm)

I have found seven identical facilities around the country wich are actually chicken farms (닭공장). You can see one of them in this video from the Central News Agency.



Chicken farm

Location file:


Curtain array antennas?

I just found what looks like some curtains array antenna at 40°04’46.03″ N 126°06’42.21″ E.


Global view


Close-up view

Local labor camps in North Korea ?

I found some buildings around the country wich seems to be restricted by fence and guard towers. Maybe they are just military barracks or some storage buildings but I still want to share it. So below there some pictures of them with personal analysis (wich could be wrong). I have also read some testimonies of Korean refugees in “The Hidden Gulag Second Edition” by David Hawk but I don’t find anything about it. So if you have any idea of there purpose let me know.


Loca camp 1

camp part2

Some Google Earth files:

  • Labor camps.kmz ( – Location of already found labor camps, both Kwan-li-so (관리소) and Kwo-hwa-so (교화소).