Month: August 2015

Communication towers in North Korea

I found about 600 of telecommunication towers in the Korean territory, most of them were constructed in 2010. According to NKEconWatch, they are Koryolink mobile phone towers. Koryolink is own by the KPTC and the Egyptian company Global Telecom with the goal of deploying a 3G mobile network in Korea.

Telecommunication towers near Pyongsan

Telecommunication tower

The distance between each towers seems to vary between 3 km and 7 km.

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KPA Unit 641


Kim Jong-un near a Koksan.

In March 2013, Kim Jong-un made an inspection of the Unit 641 (제641군부대) on the south-east coast of North Korea. This KPA own some Koksan artillery (M-1978) wich are 170 mm self-propelled artilleries. They are supposed to respond to any provocation from the South Korean island, Baekryeongdo (백령도), located at 20km from the coast. Also those artilleries are stored in little houses between the mountains. I spotted some of them thanks to the photos taken during the “Leader inspection”.


Two Koksan behind Kim Jong-un during the inspection.

This “house” containing the Koksan can be seen at 38°08’17.85″ N 124°54’59.22″ E. You can even see the 4 canons.


House (upper-left) containing 4 Koksan artillery pieces.

And another one located at 38°08’28.15″ N 124°56’41.58″ E.


House (right) containing 4 Koksan artillery pieces.

In total I have spotted five houses containing 4 Koksan each for a total of 20 artillery pieces. But I have also spotted 10 other similar houses that could also contain Koksan artilleries.

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Kim Jong Un Inspects Artillery Unit, Islet Defense Unit and Visits Fish Farm (

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