North Korean SAM sites (SA-2, SA-3, SA-5)

The North Korean army owns surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems wich are  S-75 (SA-2), S-125 (SA-3) and S-200 (SA-5). According to satellite imagery, there is two S-200 sites with an operational range of 300 km, nine S-125 sites with a range of 25 km and sixty-one S-75 sites with a range of 40 km. Those sites are supported by EWR (Early Warning Radar).


SAM network

SAM network


Google Earth file : SAM sites by Panda (

– Range and location corrections.
– Add two S-75 sites.
– Add external EWR locations.

– Add seven S-75 sites.

The North Korean SAM Network
Worldwide SAM Site Overview
S-75 Dvina (
S-125 Neva/Pechora (
S-200 (missile) (


  1. In 2005-2006 North Korean engineers helped Iran reverse engineer two batteries of S-300 missiles delivered from Belarus which the Iranians now produce as the Bavar-373. It would be naive to think the Bavar 373 is not also in production in North Korea.


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