North Korean airfields

Here is a lists of airfields in North Korea, I seperate them in three categories : “Airports” wich include airbases and airports, “Airfields” and “Highway Strips”:

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Sunchon Airport

Sunchon Airport

  • Airports

Hwangju Airbase 황주비행장
Hwangsuwon Airbase 황수원비행장
Hyon-ni Airbase 현리비행장
Iwon Airbase 리원비행장
Jangjin Airbase 장진비행장
Kaechon Airbase 개천비행장
Kangda-ri Airbase 강다리기지
Kangdong Airport 강동비행장 / 상원비행장
Koksan Airbase 곡산기지
Kuum-ni Airbase 구읍리비행장
Kwail Airport 과일비행장
Kwaksan Airport 곽산비행장
Mirim Airbase 미림국제공항
Nuchon-ni Airbase 누천리기지
Onchon Airbase 온천기지
Onchon Airbase 온천기지
Orang Airport 어랑공항 / Chongjin Airport 청진공항
Panghyon Airbase 방현비행장
Pukchang Airbase 북창기지
Pyongyang Sunan International Airport 평양순안국제공항
Samjiyon Airport 삼지연공항
Sonchon Airbase 선천기지
Sondok Airport 선덕비행장
Sunchon Airport 순천비행장
Sungam-ni Airport 승암리비행장
Taechon Airbase 대전 공군 기지
Taetan Airbase 대탄기지
Toksan Airport 덕산비행장
Uiju Airport 의주비행장
Wonsan Airbase 원산기지
Yonpo Airbase 연포비행장

  • Airfields
Paegman Airfield

Paegman Airfield

Chiktong Airport 직동비행장
Chodo Airport 초도기지
Haeju Airport 해주공항
Hoeyang Southeast Airfield 회양비행장
Hyesan Airfield 혜산비행장
Ichon Airfield 이천
Ihyon Airfield 이현
Inchon Northeast Airfield 인천
Kojo Airfield 고저
Kuktong Airfield 국동
Kumgang Airport 금강비행장
Kyongsong Chuul Airfield 경성철
Maengsan Airfield 맹산
Manpo Airport 만포공항
Ongjin Airfield 옹진
Paegam Airfield 백암
Pyongsul Li Airfield 평술리
Sinuiju Airfield 신의주
Sohung South Airfield 소흥 남방
Taebukpo-ri Airfield 대북포리비행장
Taechon Northwest Airfield 태천 북서방
Tanchon South Airfield 단천
Toha Ri North Airfield 도하리 북방
Unchon-up Airfield 은천읍

  •  Highway Strips
Sangwon Highway Strip

Sangwon Highway Strip

Ayang-ni Highway Strip 아양리 비상 활주로
Changyon Highway Strip 창연 비상 활주로
Kilchu Highway Strip 길주 비상 활주로
Koksan South Highway Strip 곡산 남방 임시활주로
Nuchon-ni Highway Strip 누천리 비상 활주로
Okpyong-ni Higwhay strip 옥평리
Panghyon South Highway Strip 방현 남방 임시활주로
Pyong-ni South Highway Strip 평리 남방 임시활주로
Sangwon Highway Strip 상원 임시활주로
Sinhung Highway Strip 신형 활주로 / 신흥 임시활주로
Wongyo-ri Highway strip 왕요리 비상활주로
Yong Hung Highway strip 용흥

[Update #1]
– Minor corrections
– Add unknow airstrips
– Add Air Koryo planes at Sunan airport

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List of highway airstrips in North Korea
List of airports in North Korea


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